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Why Legal Vanity Numbers

Whether you are a solo practitioner or a national full-service law firm, legal vanity numbers are a powerful and effective method for increasing your law firm’s advertising response rates and boosting your ROI. provides lawyers around the country with easy to remember and easy to dial legal vanity numbers that have a proven track record of generating more calls than regular alphanumeric telephone numbers.  This simple legal marketing tool is a proven technique for helping law firms build a long-term brand while also providing the competitive edge necessary to stand out in the increasingly crowded media landscape. Get more calls, more clients and more cases with a great legal vanity number.

  • 100 FREE minutes/month
  • Text Messaging
  • 24/7 Real Time Call Tracking
  • IVR & Routing Assistance Setup
  • Increase Response Rate by 45% or more
  • Instant Credibility & Brand Recognition
  • Increase Advertising ROI
  • More calls means more clients and more cases

What Other Lawyers Are Saying

  • When one of our largest legal clients wanted to run an ad campaign on subways and buses in New York City, I knew we had to call Primary Wave Media….

    Joel Levinson
    Joel LevinsonThe Levinson Tractenberg Group
  • At Eliot P. Reifkind PA, we have been using 1-800-HURT-NOW in our advertising campaigns for over two years and it has helped to significantly grow our practice. 1-800-HURT-NOW has been…

    Eliot P. Reifkind
    Eliot P. Reifkind Reifkind, Thompson & Rudzinski
  • The number I obtained from Legal Vanity Numbers is great for my billboard ads. Everyone remembers it!

    Larry Disparti
    Larry DispartiDisparti Law Group

Want More Calls?

A critical element to the success of any lawyer marketing campaign is memorability. has a proven track record of generating more calls than regular phone numbers.

Want More Clients? gives lawyers the necessary tools to help their law firm stay one step ahead of the competition.  If a prospective client can’t remember your phone number and how to contact you, then your marketing efforts will have been for nothing.

Want More Cases?

Memorable legal vanity numbers help transform your law firm marketing campaigns into unique, case-generating branding opportunities.








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