Get Your Google On: A 5 Point Plan to Become a 5 Star Law Firm

five star service reviewsPositive Google reviews have a major influence when potential customers look for legal advice online.

With so many listings, and directories available when they search, even just a few positive reviews can be the clincher that tips new customers in your direction.

Getting those reviews, however, can take time. But if you know where to look and how to ask, the process speeds up and before you know it your Google rating reflects the five star legal advice that you deliver!

Five Steps to Five Star Law Firm Reviews

Your business is worth it and these tips will help you to grow those crucial four and five-star reviews:

  1. Get your Google in Order – First off, make sure that you have a full presence on Google+ and that your physical location is represented, as well as links to your website and other important web platforms. If you’re going to encourage customers to give you five stars, make sure you first have a five star, complete profile online.
  2. Transform existing reviews into testimonials – Highlighting the positive views of others is a surprisingly effective way to remind other satisfied customers that they can do the same. Include rolling text testimonials on your site wherever possible, and throw the odd client compliment into your social media mix, focusing on thanking the customer for visiting, as an extra reminder that others love what you do.
  3. Make it ‘quick and easy’ – Most review sites need only a rating and a sentence or two to describe the experience a customer had with your law firm. By emphasizing that customers can “quickly leave feedback that will help others find us, ” you’ll increase the chances of scoring a high review.
  4. Tell customers how to review – Write a simple guide to leaving Google reviews. You can give to customers (or e-mail a link to a version on your website) when you know they have had a great experience with you. Sometimes the only thing that stops customers leaving feedback is the belief that they won’t know how.
  5. Catch customers when they’re happy – Create systems that follow up with customers who are walking out of your law firm feeling satisfied. If you can build a quick survey in to your customer follow up, you can find the happiest of them and ask  them if they’d mind sharing that satisfaction.

Putting these suggestions into practoce should see your online reputation grow quickly and those average reviews inch up into the four and five star range in less time than you’d expect. So, get out there and get rated!

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