Six Quick Considerations to Boost Your Legal Marketing Leads

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As we expand our blog articles on developing your law firm, we’ll be diving more deeply into all aspects of¬†legal marketing.

For today we’ll begin at the opposite end of the spectrum, offering some short, sharp ideas to get your business leads flowing more frequently.

6 Ideas to Lift Lead Generation at Your Law Firm

These ideas are six quick places to start ramping up your business development. In all instances, ensure that you have a process in place to capture the information of anyone interested in hearing more from your law firm.

1. Increase your speaking and presentation engagements:
More exposure means more opportunity to connect with targeted audiences who need to hear more from you. Establishing your expertise on stage (or on podcasts and radio interviews) also helps to boost word of mouth marketing, as well as future offers to speak.

2. Add email sign up to a prominent place on your website: Never miss an opportunity to turn a web visitor into a subscriber. Email marketing is a great way to turn passing interest into future leads.

3. Find some freebies: Reports, research, ebooks and white papers are all great examples of content that you can offer to potential customers. In return, you receive the information that you ask for, in order to target future market communications to these new leads.

4. Add an incentive for referrals: Encourage current customers who love your legal advice to pass on your contact information to others. Adding a small reward is often a good way to make this happen, or at least a reminder to happy clients that they can help you out.

5. Join high value Linkedin groups: Linkedin is a much more professional social network than the others, making it quicker to connect on a business level. Make this even more effective by finding groups that could use your advice and join to add value. These can be legal groups to build relationships with your peers, or groups that serve an industry in which you have a lot of existing customers.

6.¬†Share your expertise via content marketing: We talked about content marketing for lawyers last week, but it’s worth repeating here. Blogging and guest-blogging are great additions to get your name and voice out there. Become known for your area of expertise and more people will come calling for it.

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