The Competitive Advantages of Legal Vanity Numbers

The Competitive Advantages of Legal Vanity Numbers

A memorable telephone number that results in more customer calls, which leads to more business. Not too difficult to understand, we grant you. But in these digitally-focused times, social media have become the marketing media darling as routes to customer communication go.

What many fail to consider are the competitive advantages that an unforgettable vanity number can help your law firm achieve.

Stand Out from the crowd

Legal vanity numbers stand out from the crowd | Image Credit: Steven DePolo

Develop the best web presence money can buy, but prospective customers can still find other law firms in your area when they look for you online. A subtle but not uncommon trick in search engine ads is when competitors pay for adverts that appear when people search for your firm, for example, positioning their site links right next to your own, even if the searcher wanted just your business. Facebook searches can auto-complete to suggest businesses with a similar name, leading to confusion, and promoted tweets might let competing companies mess with your marketing communications on Twitter.

The online environment is undeniably thriving and worth the attention of your law firm, but it is also extremely noisy and packed with distractions.

Vanity number expert and marketing veteran Gregg Hamerschlag puts it like this:

“Businesses still want to talk to their customers. They might give their website… but a lot of times the consumer hears that but is doing other things. Then the next day comes, they forget the URL and a search on Google shows them all of your competitors.”

Contrast this with an easy-to-recall vanity number, which not only connects the prospect directly to you without distraction, but gives them the opportunity to speak directly to someone who can help them.

“It is around 25-30% easier to sell someone when they’re on the phone, rather than just a web lead,” says Hamerschlag, demonstrating the importance of making that first connection quickly and easily. That’s not to say that businesses should forget online sales channels. Quite the opposite, of course.

A fully realized marketing strategy plays to the strengths of multiple channels, allowing customers at various stages of legal research to find what they need about your law firm, as they need to know it. Someone with a very general interest, for example, may not commit to a full conversation immediately. In that case, having a thorough website with all of the information that they need to conduct early checks is important. At the other end of the spectrum, if a potential client has a strong background in the subject and has only short, quick questions to answer, being ready on a social media channels like Twitter and Facebook will allow them to post and return to your response at a later date.

At any stage of interest you want your business to be easily recalled. When the prospective client is ready to have a closer conversation, having an immediately memorable legal vanity number connects them directly to you. This is the best way to close that loop and let your lawyers work their legal magic!

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