How to Have Your Law Firm Top of Local Legal Business Directories

Does Your Law Firm Top the Local Legal Business Directories?

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Is your law firm rising up the local listings?

Getting your law firm on the local radar means not only getting out there in as many places as physically possible, but also optimizing your web presence for the search terms that will keep your attorneys at the top of the results.

Tiny things like street abbreviations and business category can make a significant difference in where your law firm ranks in the search results.  For this reason, it’s important to think about how and where you want to be seen, then keep that consistent across all the online directories you choose.

So what are the factors that influence these local listings?

Get Your Law Firm Found in Local Directories

These are some of the crucial factors that influence whether or not potential clients find you when they search for legal services online:

  • Opt for well-known, quality listing resources that are widely used in your area. Avoid low quality sites as the links they create can be penalized by Google. Think of a consumer searching for the right law firm in your practice area and whether they would feel right on the site, before you commit.
  • Make your business name consistent across all channels, including punctuation and use of suffixes such as ‘LLC’ or ‘Inc’.
  • Claim and complete listings where you have a solid base of existing reviews first. This will maximize the return from directories that require minimal up front effort.
  • Select one address for email inquiries and use that as standard across all directories.
  • Use the same address and phone number, including consistent  abbreviations of streets and building names.
  • Pick as many categories as apply to your area of law. Review the listings of competing legal practices for inspiration if you feel that you could be overlooking more niche categories.

Be sure to track the directories that you sign up for, decide on standard formats when it comes to your law firm’s name, address, phone number, and contact details.

As you expand your base of local listings you’ll notice a corresponding rise in your search position, meaning that your potential clients are also seeing more of your firm.

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