Legal Marketing In A Niche Market

Vanity numbers can be as general as the overall legal industry or as specific as a niche market or practice area. 1-800-MESO-HURT is a perfect example of a niche legal vanity number for a law firm that focuses on mesothelioma and asbestos litigation.  This vanity toll free number provides all of the vital information – the industry (legal marketing) and the phone number.

When people think of vanity numbers, the number that usually comes to mind is 1-800-FLOWERS.  With 1-800-FLOWERS, the company took a general industry (flowers), added a contemporary marketing twist and became a huge success.  As a result, 1-800-FLOWERS has been dominating the market for years!  Vanity phone numbers are very important for businesses of all sizes.  Whether the company is a startup with only a small budget or a massive national corporation like 1-800-FLOWERS, each level can benefit from branding with a unique vanity phone number.  1-800 numbers are the oldest and most desirable because they give all the necessary information (industry and contact info) all at the same time, while retaining the immediate brand recognition that so many consumers have become accustomed to.  Many industries are so large that they have split into smaller more focussed niches.  Many professionals take their business into a niche market to standout in a smaller group and what better way to do that than with a unique and memorable vanity number.

Tom Kane has a blog about legal marketing and he gives this interesting legal marketing example:

The case of a lawyer who represented a city against the manufacturer of faulty plastic pipes used in water utility system.  After he was successful, another city came to him…presumably, he focused on letting other cities know about his practice, and now attracts clients from all over the country.

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