Personality or Profession? Two Effective Examples of Legal Vanity Numbers

We’ve talked before about how legal vanity numbers can support the specific area of law at which your firm excels, but what about the people who practice it?

Deciding whether to emphasize the person or the profession is another important part of choosing the perfect legal vanity number. You could represent the law firm as a whole, individual lawyers with individual numbers, or break your vanity numbers down by different areas of law.

We’ve seen two examples of this recently that help to demonstrate the difference.

Two Varied (but Effective) Examples of Custom Legal Numbers

855-GOT-HURT legal vanity numberOur first example comes from Nager, Romaine & Schneiberg Co. in Ohio, who opted to focus on their general area of law with 1-855-GOT-HURT.

This vanity number is a clear and memorable reference to their specialty areas of workers’ compensation claims and personal injury cases. It slots in perfectly to their marketing materials and backs up the underlying message that the practice fights who people who

“Got Hurt – Get Results – Get NR&S!” – Packed with a memorable message and a call to action that we love!

In our second example, Sokolove Law focuses attention on the personal expertise of founder Jim Sokolove. He chose 1-800-CALL-JIM as his legal vanity number.

The firm undertakes a wider variety of cases, from medical malpractice to consumer fraud, so perhaps in this case it was more natural to promote the experience of Mr. Sokolove. With more than 30 years in the business, he clearly has a personal brand to be proud of and wanted to emphasize that.

By taking the personal approach, Sokolove Law makes a memorable pitch for individual attention and the expertise of a trusted name. 1-800-CALL-JIM is also an immediate call to action (literally!) in itself, doubling up the value of the vanity number.

1-800-CALL JIM Sokolove Law


In both cases, a memorable number helps to communicate the brand value of each law firm.

Though they differ in approach, they both aim for the same success that a legal vanity number should bring; a significant boost in leads generated over the phone.

If that’s something that your law firm could use, search our database today.

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