Four Steps to Simplify Your Search for a Legal Vanity Number

You know your law firm needs a memorable phone number to stay top of mind when potential customers get calling. What might be more difficult is  knowing where to focus your search.

There are important elements to consider when choosing a custom number to represent your legal practice. It will need to be versatile enough to take center stage across many marketing channels, and specific enough to bring your business, practice area, or both to mind immediately.


4 Steps to Simplify Your Legal Vanity Number Search

These simple steps will help make your search for the perfect legal vanity number much easier to achieve:

1. Specify your USP – Which means, your firm’s unique selling proposition. What is it that sets you apart from your legal peers? Your vanity number search will present plenty of options that evoke various sentiments for the customer, so make sure the one you choose matches who you are, including your USP.

2. Check out your competition – Not to copy, of course, but to make sure that you don’t copy your competitors. You need a custom phone number to make your business memorable on its own terms. When you notice competitor custom numbers, the goal of your legal vanity number search is to come up with something far more unique and memorable.

3. Deal with the digits, 7 or 8? – It’s possible to extend your vanity number to 8 digits/characters, but remember that an extra digit can cause dialing errors for cell phone callers. Land line callers won’t have this problem, though, and an extra digit can be just what you need to create a more memorable number. For mobile dials, offer a numerical version of the vanity in addition to the custom one, or focus your search on a 7-digit number.

4. Keep it simple! – Basically, short sharp words attract attention. More often than not, this is what you need and the simplest option is the best for your business. Your number must communicate the most meaning  in the shortest time possible. Steer clear of words that can be spelled in different ways, or where the meaning could be confused with other industries or practice areas.

If your law firm has successfully navigated the search for a great numbers, we’d love to hear how you did it over on Facebook,  Twitter, or Google+.

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