Vanity Phone Numbers Add Value

Consumers are beginning to spend again, but they generally remain skeptical about any product, service or business where they cannot see the immediate value.  According to a March 2010 article in The Marketeer, “When surveyed, recession-weary consumers in the US said that they want the companies with which they do business to value them, value their time, value their money, and value their preferences.”  This is especially true in the legal marketing space, where lawyers must show their clients that they care.

Legal Vanity Numbers are an excellent way to show customers and clients that you appreciate their business.  A legal number is easy to recall and is particularly helpful when a person needs a lawyer immediately.  Vanity 800 numbers show clients that a law firm is not only professional, but also cares  about customer service.

Vanity Numbers are helpful for more than just legal marketing.  They are also useful marketing tools in other industries like healthcare and home improvement.  Let’s face it, we all know they work for the flower industry.  Just ask anyone you know to name the first florist they can think of and they’ll undoubtedly recite the vanity number 1-800-Flowers.  Franchises often find vanity numbers add real value to their universal branding strategies, while local businesses love that a vanity phone number can be limited to a specific region so that their small business does not spend money on a phone number in a media market where they do not offer their service or product.

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