Vanity Phone Numbers and Social Media

A vanity phone number is a great addition to any marketing plan, particularly now that traditional marketing is no longer the only approach to marketing.  Social media has forever changed the marketing world.  Whether you are a small business or an international corporation, you are probably just now really learning the ins and outs of social media marketing (SMM).  Many small businesses have found internet marketing to be a great way to cut their marketing budget, while also increasing their exposure and brand awareness.  Online marketing still requires a marketing specialist (and now those specialists often require a web-based background) even though the cost of printing has also diminished in recent years. Large corporations find online marketing useful because it allows them to target their advertising efforts towards a certain group of people i.e.: young people on Facebook or legal professionals on Linkedin.

Internet marketing is not only limited to Twitter and Facebook, but also includes dozens of other options and platforms; Pay Per Click advertising, blogging about your products and services, promoting online contests to collect addresses for future marketing, and much more.  What’s important to note is that any of these options can include a vanity phone number, which will undoubtedly make your Internet marketing more effective.  This is especially true when it comes to legal vanity numbers.  Lawyers and law firms often spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in an attempt to break free of the competition and stand out with a unique ad in their marketplace.  There is no better way to do this then with a local or toll free vanity or easy dial phone number.

Visit and see how easy it is to setup your own vanity phone number.  You can search for a custom number or browse the extensive database of available legal phone numbers. It’s that easy!

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