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Legal Vanity Numbers (a Primary Wave Media Company) is the nation’s leading provider of memorable vanity toll free and local easy dial phone numbers for the legal profession.  Incorporating a premier legal vanity number into your advertising will boost your law firm’s response rates as well as increase your ROI by providing potential clients with a memorable, easy to dial Legal Vanity Number. This simple and effective marketing tool is a proven method for building a stronger presence in your market, while getting you more calls, more clients and more cases.

Why We’re Different

LegalVanityNumbers.com has the most comprehensive selection of toll free and local easy dial phone numbers for lawyers and attorneys nationwide. We work with law firms of every size and in every practice area; from the solo practitioner in New York to the personal injury law firm in Los Angeles.  At LegalVanityNumbers.com, our mission is simple: to provide the best legal vanity number solution to every attorney in the country.

We aim to ensure every lawyer receives the same level of commitment from our staff.  This means when you contact one of our legal marketing sales representatives, your law firm is guaranteed the best available legal vanity number to fit your firm’s individual budget and speciality.  Our extensive database of legal vanity numbers allows us to do what no other lawyer marketing company can; help your law firm find the best legal vanity number available so you can stay one step ahead of the competition.

Services & Technology

Our powerful suite of services includes Call Tracking, Call Reporting, IVR & Advanced Routing, Geo-Location and Text Enabling Technology, as well as the most comprehensive database of legal vanity numbers available, we’re able to provide our lawyers with the tools they need to get more calls and help grow their legal practice.  Our in-house team of legal specialists, combined with our expansive media partnerships across all mediums, allows us to assist our clients with all aspects of their marketing campaigns, from media plans and media buys to website design and social media management.  Why limit your marketing plan when you can dominate the competition and build a client-focused message that will stay on the minds of your clients long after they have viewed your ads.  LegalVanityNumbers.com is a proud partner of RingBoost.com, the nations leading partner in Vanity Toll-Free Numbers.

Features & Benefits

A premier legal vanity number like 1-800-HURT-NOW or 1-800-GREEN-CARD provides your ad campaigns with a level of impact unmatched by any other form of legal marketing.  In the increasingly crowded and ultra-competitive arena of law firm marketing, an easy to remember and easy to dial vanity number provides your potential clients with a simple and effective means for contacting your law firm.  Incorporating a great legal vanity number into your marketing strategy will increase your ROI, maximize your marketing dollars, provide your firm with instant brand recognition and market dominance, as well increase repeat calling and word of mouth referrals from past clients.

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